There is a desperate need for decriminalization for sex workers. Here you will learn of the laws surrounding the adult industry as well as insight from a sex worker.

Within this website I will be providing all of our rights, liberties and amendments. I will be taking a closer look into Fosta and Sesta that was signed on March 21, 2018. Which was intended to curb Human Trafficking that has ended up causing sex workers more danger to our lives. The Cloud Act that was signed 2 days later on March 23, 2018 that has taken more of our privacy rights from all. The Earn It Act signed earlier this year 2020, has violated our Fourth Amendment and has taken the rest of our privacy of encryption away from us.

I will be going into details of Adult Law. Within its strict regulations, it has left out the safety sex workers lives. The differences of Criminalization and Decriminalization and why we are in need “Decriminalization.” With Covid-19 this year, The Small Business loan has excluded sex workers from this relief causing more danger to those working in this industry. The Texas Sex Crimes With Prostitution Online Laws as well as The Trap House Laws that actually threaten sex workers having any kind of housing.

Within the sex worker community there is a great need to bring awareness of Cyber Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Real Life Stalking, Gang Stalking that takes places. These are considered to be Computer Crimes as well as David’s Law that is supposed to protect, but yet the ones doing these crimes are slipping through the cracks therefore cannot prosecuted. And how they are going about not being “caught.”

Those that getting into the Adult Industry needs to be aware of The Copyright Laws, Trademark Laws, Producing and Directing Content. Especially if you getting into Only Fans, Clips4sale and other websites as such. For any sex worker building a website, you should be aware of Privacy Policy’s, Terms of Use Agreements, and the laws and responsibilities of owning an Adult Website.

Within each branch of Sex Work there are a different set of Laws that need to be known. Different Responsibilities as well as each of its different kinds dangers that is faced for each branch within the Adult Industry.

The need of providing the right information for those working within this industry. Those that “think” they know all about this world “just because you know all about back page,” that is actually NOT KNOWN. The behind scenes real truth of what sex work really is, The ugly truth of what we actually face every day in our lives, the impact that it is has physically, emotionally and mentally. And it’s lasting effects within our lives.

There is a great need for the TRUTH! In order to stop the stigma that surrounds sex work as a whole, there needs to be an understanding of how the whole industry works. The Laws that surround it. And exactly what we as sex workers face and how in reality sex workers have lost our rights.

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